Mani peninsula is a rough yet blessed land. Its beauty is incomparable as steep, imposing rocks meet at their roots picturesque golfs with clear, blue waters. It is no coincidence that this land has to narrate myths from the ancient times, as well as the stories of pirates and privateers.


Υou shouldn’t miss Diros Caves, Tenaro Cape and Vathia.


Diros Caves form an eerie scenery that will captivate you. The thousands of years that count these unique caves have left numerous stalactites and stalagmites, fossils, as well as ceramics that make these caves absolutely interesting in many ways.



Cape Tenaro or Cavo Matapas is the southmost part of mainland Greece and the Balkan peninsula. This place, where in ancient times it was believed that the Gates of Hades were located, is simply breathtaking. It is a land of unique natural beauty, rich in archaeological findings, such as the ancient temple of Poseidon of Tenaro, which you should definitely see for yourself.


Finally, you can complete this travel back in time with a visit to the majestic castle town of Vathia.

Its imposing towers appear among the trees of the forested hill making this village a landmark of Mani.




The beaches here have their own unique character. The endless, organized beach of beautiful Mavrovouni with its thick sand will enchant you. If you prefer beaches with pebbles, quiet and relaxing, you shouldn’t miss Kapoi, Kamares, Ageranos, Vathy, enchanting Alypa, and Delfinia. Marmari is another excellent choice, as its two sandy beaches come in beautiful contrast to the rocky landscape. The big beach is organized and has shallow waters, which make it perfect for children. The small beach, which is located at the end of the village is cute and secluded.



If you love water sports, the endless beach of Mavrovouni, which counts 4kms, will captivate you. Beyond the fact that it forms a hospitable home for sea turtles, windy Mavrovouni, is the absolute surfing destination. An alternative to Mavrovouni for the water sports enthusiasts is the totally different and unique Limeni that offers activities such as canoe-kayak, SUP and many more!


If you wish to get to know the beauties of Mani peninsula through trekking, then we suggest you begin from Kokkinogia village taking the path that leads to the Lighthouse of Tenaro, a breath-taking cape that will astonish you and will offer you numerous photographic opportunities. One more choice for trekking is to start from Karavostasi taking the pirates’ path, which through the pristine nature will lead you to beautiful and humble Monastery of Spileotissa. Another path, beautiful without being demanding, is the one that connects old (mountainous) Itilo with Neo Itilo. If you choose to take this path in the morning, then a deep dive in the waters of Neo Itilo will reward you.


The, at least, 15 paths of the surrounding area form an excellent way to get to know the area.

Ask us and we will be happy to propose to you routes that will enchant you!